10 January 2022

Xella's Multipor insulation brand becomes climate neutral

Xella's Multipor insulation brand becomes climate neutral

Duisburg, January 10, 2022 – As part of its commitment to fight climate change, Xella wishes to offer its customers an opportunity to make a measurable contribution to mitigating climate change. Therefore, Xella will offset the CO2 emissions of Multipor®, it's brand for insulation solutions – making it Xella's first carbon-neutral brand.

Today’s CO2 emissions, such as those generated during production, processing of raw materials, packaging, logistics, and disposal, are offset through the purchase of voluntary carbon offset credits in cooperation with ClimatePartner. Xella Group has selected two certified climate protection projects in Europe that make an important contribution to combating global warming. One in Lichtenau, Germany, which supports the rewetting and renaturation of peatlands that can store significant amounts of CO2; the other is the Saint Nikola wind farm in northeastern Bulgaria, which generates energy from wind without fossil fuels.

Consequently, Xella has revamped the appearance of Multipor: from now on, Multipor presents itself in green, from the logo to the packaging foil. The rebranding of Multipor visualizes that ecological thinking and action are not a new trend at Xella but are firmly anchored in the company. Multipor’s mineral insulation boards benefit from highly insulating properties; they help reduce the energy demand for heating or cooling buildings and promote a well-balanced indoor climate, enabling healthier living. “Multipor’s new look strengthens the brand’s identity and makes its sustainable brand attributes visible,” says Martin Kindt, Head of Innovation & Strategic Marketing at Xella Group.

In addition to its outstanding properties of non-combustibility, vapor-permeability, and capillary activity, Multipor is characterized above all by its 100 percent recyclability due to exclusively mineral components. Multipor boards are made from natural raw materials which do not contain fibers or other harmful substances. The specific material properties of Multipor mineral insulation boards make them a sustainable and smart choice for all types of construction from cellar to roof – whether renovation or new construction – in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

Xella has defined its ambition in terms of sustainability in 2020 and has committed to decrease its CO2 emission intensity (scopes 1 & 2) by 30% over 2019-2030 across its operations.
With its building and insulating materials, Xella is always striving to continuously improve the carbon footprint of buildings throughout their entire life cycle.



About the Xella Group

The Xella Group stands for innovative, safe, and sustainable building and insulation materials and offers solutions for energy-efficient, healthy, and cost-optimized construction. With sales of 1.5 billion euros, 95 plants, and over 7,000 employees, Xella is one of the leading international solution providers in the field of building and insulation materials. Xella is the parent company of such well-known brands as Ytong, Silka, Hebel, Multipor, and Ursa, and is one of the pioneers in digitally supported construction processes with its digital planning service blue.sprint.

For more information on Xella Group, visit: www.xella.com

The advantages of Multipor at a glance:

  • Multipor creates a safe and healthy environment with consideration for future generations.
  • Multipor provides a clear conscience by reducing your own ecological footprint
  • Multipor lets me live in a valuable home by providing high-quality building materials that make the world a better place
  • Multipor creates long-term cost savings in energy and operations
  • Multipor contributes to better health because it is fiber-free and free of harmful and allergenic substances
  • Multipor increases the financial value of the home through sustainable materials

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